Kate Pension Plan

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Kate Pension Plan

Kate wanted to consolidate her pensions plans. Over the course of a few years (and a few Jobs) Kate had ended up with various pensions. Kate wanted to consolidate the pensions and get a better understanding of what she has.

We wrote off to all of her existing schemes and gathered up the vital information on each. From here we were able to advise Kate on which plans were best consolidated and which plans were best kept as they were.

The whole process left Kate feeling far more comfortable. Kate knew what she had, where it was and where it was invested. Kate also has strong ethical views that led her to want to invest in impact investments. Investing in businesses that are actively looking to solve some of the problems we face in society and in the environment more widely. We established a new pension investing into a medium risk portfolio of impact funds. The portfolio focuses on climate action through clean energy, clean water and new sustainable technologies.

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