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Agroceutical Products cultivates daffodils in order to produce natural Galanthamine. By outsourcing our growing to farmers, the company is able to fulfil one of its goals, which is to provide agriculturalists, local and international, with viable diversification opportunities which are both profitable and sustainable.

Agroceutical Products

Required Conditions

In order to produce high quality natural Galanthamine, we are looking for fields that meet the following criteria:
  • Land must be at an altitude of 1000ft or above
  • Reasonable access to growing site
  • Improved pasture
  • 10 acre fields plus
  • Growing area must be level
Our growing partners have several responsibilities, such as:
  • Purchasing suitable bulbs
  • Planting and growing
  • Harvesting and storing
  • Processing
  • Keeping records of crops and process
If you are interested in growing daffodils for Agroceutical Products and you meet the above required conditions, please:

Currently the Alzheimer’s disease drug market is worth an estimated US$8 billion

IMS; Company Websites Business Insights Ltd.

The daffodil plant contains over 300 other alkaloids many of which are already being investigated throughout the world because of the varied medicinal properties and Agroceutical Products is actively working to add them to their portfolio of naturally sourced and sustainable active pharmaceutical ingredients.

David Palmer