Andrew Pension Review

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Andrew Pension Review

Andrew came to us this summer looking to review his pension and ISA investments. Whilst Andrew is some way off needing to retire or access the money, he is keen to maximise his return on his investment. Andrew has a fair degree of investment experience and wanted to discuss the make-up of his portfolio in detail. We also discussed investment themes that we both felt would be good investments for the longer term. Whilst Andrew does not have specific Ethical views that he felt were strong enough to result in a purely ethical portfolio, Andrew did agree that sustainable investments were placed very well to grow over the medium to long term.

We discussed that those businesses who do not put sustainability at the heart of their processes were not future proofing themselves as best as they could be. By not highlighting the problems of tomorrow you cannot prepare.

Andrew highlighted renewable energy as an area of interest for his long-term portfolio. We were able to discuss this and implement holdings into his portfolio matching his risk level and objectives.

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